Monday, February 11, 2013

Wonder Woman

Shortly after returning home with Gracie I got a package in the mail. The package was addressed from a friend that has known me since we were 7 years old. She lives many miles away and we are the best of friends. This is what was in the package (with no note or explanation and none needed)...

I laughed and got the message she was trying to send right away. "How sweet of her," I thought. "If only she knew how I really feel!"

I think about this mug everyday. And, yes, I drink wine coffee out of it too! Not because I think I'm Wonder Woman, but because it inspires me...and it makes me laugh.

Wonder Woman...I am not! Wonder woman would not feel the way I feel! I am exhausted. Everything associated with my body is tired and hurts. I always have so much left undone. I keep thinking that some of the balls I have in the air are sure to drop soon and they will all start crashing down on my head.

I know I'm not alone. This is a normal mom feeling and I don't feel guilty. I do what I can do in between loving on my babies and taking care of their needs.

Being a mom doesn't make me Wonder Woman. Adopting doesn't make me Wonder Woman.

When I first started this adoption I prayed this prayer, "God let me impact others. I don't want to only impact one life by adopting Gracie. Please let our story cause others to be inspired. Let them see that I am a normal, nothing special person who followed through with Your plan for us and did what we could to help this child have a different life and know You. Let others see that they can adopt too."

I am not extraordinary. I do not have a lot of money. I have never even been close to receiving a nomination for mother of the year. Sheesh! Seriously...not even close!

If I can do this, I'm pretty sure many of you can too. I know there are a lot of people who should not have children. They should not have biological children. They should not adopt. There are people who should not be allowed on the same planet as a child. So I'm not saying everyone should adopt. I just want you to know that if you are a good person (even an ordinary one) who has the ability and love to support a child, you can do this. 

I am not Wonder Woman. Not even close.

But let's look at it this way...

Wonder Woman is fictional. I am real.

Wonder Woman is a warrior princess. I am a mommy.
Wonder Woman has an hourglass figure. I don't have a figure or I don't know what it is. Who cares.

Wonder Woman wears a barely there superhero costume. I'm not even going there...not even on Halloween. I wear yoga pants and a t-shirt as often as I can.

Wonder Woman has appeared in the form of a variety of toys, merchandise and pin-ups. Umm...ok whatever.

Wonder Woman fights for justice, love and peace. I fight for my kids. I guess this could be the same.

Wonder Woman was created by a writer. I was created by God.

Uh-Oh Wonder Woman. I win.

Oh wait...I just found something interesting. Insert Google search "did Wonder Woman have children?" and Wiki.Answers returned this:

No, and she has never been married which would void her (warranty) as an Amazon. However, she is in a sense the foster Mother of the character Donna Troy who serves as Wonder Girl in the Teen Titans and has the same basic powers as Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman...a foster mom. Love it.

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