Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Month Ago

It's so hard to believe that one month ago I walked out of an orphanage with our daughter. It's seems like a distant memory already. It's hard to believe that so much has changed in that one month.

I have been extremely busy taking care of all of the things that Gracie needs.

First and foremost, getting to know each other.  She fits in so perfectly. Everyone is in love with her and she makes that so easy. She is happy, she knows she is loved and she loves back.

I have wasted no time getting her in for various medical appointments and therapy. I want to get her all of the help that she has needed all along so that she can blossom even more!

We have visited the pediatrician, the international adoption clinic, the audiologist, the physical therapist and the speech therapist so far. Our upcoming appointments include occupational therapy (and more ST and PT), a swallow study, ENT, cardiologist, endocrinologist. We will also get to the eye doctor and dentist eventually, but those are last on the list of important visits. I am trying to prioritize the appointments and space them out so that she is not overwhelmed. Some of these take a couple of months to get on the schedule so I'm glad I got started right away.

As you can see, there is a lot going on. I am incredibly busy making appointments and going to appointments. Gracie has a lot going on with delays in development, problems with eating, hearing and thyroids. 

We were originally told in reports from the orphanage that Gracie was deaf. I took her for a hearing test yesterday where they confirmed what I already knew...she is not deaf. She does have moderate hearing loss which was described to be about 50%.  We will know more after we visit the ENT about how to improve her hearing. She has fluid on both sides and I expect tubes will be in her future. 

While at the international adoption clinic there was some concern about a previous infection of the heart noted on her medical record from the orphanage. The doctor also said that she heard a slight murmur so I will be following up with a cardiologist soon.

Our sweet little daughter really is changing so much. It is happening so fast that it's hard to see since we are with her every minute of every day. Here are some pictures of our little love on Valentines Day. She had two different know, just because she could!

I can't wait to share details of her progress. I started charting her growth from the day we got home and it is so unbelievable that it brings me to tears. I'll share more on her "one month home" anniversary!

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  1. Beautiful!! She is doing SO well. Love the pictures and can't wait to hear all the details of how she's learning and growing!