Adoption Timeline

July 28, 2011
Saw pictures of a little girl named Teri Lyn that showed her before and after being transferred to a mental institution. I had already been looking at the children on Reece's Rainbow and thinking that maybe someday we could save one of these children. On this day, I was moved. I was ill and shaken after seeing the changes that were caused from institutionalization. On this day, I asked my husband if he wanted to inquire about her and he said yes. She was adopted by someone else.

Aug 2011 - Dec 2011
We identified another child we were interested in and started getting information on what we needed to do to adopt her. During the time we were praying and preparing another family stepped up to adopt her.

Dec 2011 - Jan 2012
We decided to complete our home study before deciding on a specific child. At this point I realized that we would not be choosing our child. God would.

January 28, 2012
Home study visit and interviews.

February 15, 2012
I got an unexpected message from RR concerning a child we were considering. During the conversation, RR got a picture of Gracie and sent it to me. I knew that this was the child that God has chosen for our family and this is why He had asked us to wait all along.

February 16, 2012
Committed to adopt Gracie.

February 29, 2012
Signed commitment paperwork.

March 1, 2012
Mailed RR paperwork.

March 7, 2012
Mailed agency paperwork.

March 10, 2012
Made official announcement via blog and facebook.

March 12, 2012
Got commitment documents apostilled in Austin.

March 13, 2012
Fingerprinted for FBI clearance to adopt.

March 15, 2012
Mailed application for FBI clearance.

March 16, 2012
Mailed passport renewal.

March 24, 2012
Received approved home study in the mail!! Yay!!!

April 5, 2012
Got passport renewal in the mail.

April 11, 2012
Mailed USCIS application...whew!

April 26, 2012
Received FBI clearance.

April 30, 2012
Received USCIS fingerprinting appointment

May 1, 2012
Went for biometric fingerprints.

May 29, 2012
Mailed Dossier!!!

May 31, 2012
Dossier delivered...that was super fast Fed Ex!

June 1 -  June 8, 2012
Dossier being translated and prepared to submit.

June 30, 2012
Got news that we were submitted, approved and have a verbal referral! YAY!

July 30, 2012
Received our travel dates!! August 11-18 we will be visiting our girl!

August 11 - August 18, 2012
First trip!!! YAY!!!

August 21, 2012
Mailed I-800 application

September 10, 2012
Received I-800 approval (I-797) in the mail

September 21, 2012
Article 5 Appointment

September 24, 2012
Article 5 Issued

October 15, 2012
Submitted to MOJ

November 26, 2012
Received Court Date

December 14, 2012

January 18 - 26, 2013
Gotcha Trip!!!