Friday, January 25, 2013

We're Coming Home

We are packed and prepared for our long 20 hour trip home. Tonight I am reflecting over the past year and the past week. I can't help but take a deep breath (a sigh of relief) as this chapter of our lives closes and our new forever begins.

After a stressful and adventurous week, we are ready to leave the country that our daughter was born in and bring her home. She has so much love waiting for her at home and I can't wait for her to experience what "home" really means. An orphanage was her home for almost four years. For the past week a hotel room was her home. Tomorrow night she will enter the door to her true home with her forever family. What a precious thought.

As you know we encountered some bumps along this journey, but it all has worked out for our family. We were showered with love through prayers, encouragement and more. I want to tell you that we are so grateful and we will pay it forward. There are many families who are walking this same journey who need help. During this week they were able to put their needs aside and help us. Heaven was stormed with prayer and we saw every prayer answered. We will return these blessings to other families who are on their way to bring their children home.

Gracie has changed. Every day she has blossomed a little more. She trusts us more and more. Feeding her is so much easier now than the first couple of days. She knows she will get enough to eat. Bath time is getting easier too. She did not cry this morning when we had no choice but to bathe her b/c of a very yucky diaper. Bedtime...well we are still working on that, but it has gotten easier too.

She is a joy to wake up to in the morning. She smiles and reaches out for me when I go to get her out of her bed. This morning I put her in the bed between us. She crawled over to Jimmy, put her head and his chest and said "dada."  It is so amazing. She has a sweet whisper when she says "mama" and it makes my heart melt.

She knows she is ours and we are hers. She was chosen for us and we were chosen for her.

Bye-Bye for now...I'll see you in the USA!!!



  1. Oh, she is so very precious! I loved reading your update and will be praying for you today as you travel home.

    I was just thinking how amazing it is that they learn new things and overcome challenges so quickly when our children are finally with their parents who love and care for them.

    What an amazing year this will be for our girls.

  2. what a beautiful post!! Welcome to America sweet girl!