Friday, August 17, 2012

Trip One - Day Five

Today was our last visit with Gracie...for this trip. As soon as we left the orphanage I started writing in my journal. I will share that with you so you will know what I was really thinking at that moment rather than me trying to remember.

We are in the van driving away from our last visit with Gracie. The next time we see her we will be her legal parents. The next time we drive away from the orphanage she will be leaving with us and will no longer be an orphan.

I did it. I stayed strong. I walked away with my head held high and with no tears knowing that we will be back. Of course I am sad, but I had to be strong today. If I start to cry I fear I will not stop. 

We have so many people praying for us today. I absolutely feel covered in blessings. I feel covered in prayer and love. Thank you for that. I was told to soak it all in and I have done just that. I have enjoyed every moment. I have cherished the trip, the time with my husband, the food, the city and, most of all, our time with Gracie.

Once in the van, I opened the window to breathe in the air and reflect. The wind is blowing across my face and through my hair. The sun shining on and warming my skin and my spirit. I can feel His Holy presence. As the wind blows on my face I remember my husband blowing on Gracie's face and neck this week to keep her cool. I feel my Heavenly Father comforting me in the same way. I know that I am honoring Him and He is pleased. 

The tears are flowing gently now. Tears of happiness, peace and love. Writing that, I realize the shirt I wore today. It says faith, hope, love in English and Bulgarian. We have come, met her and gone...
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13
We returned on the long drive to the city where our attorney and the airport are. It is a much more fast paced city and we love it as well. We walked for miles. I want to share pictures with you of where we ended our day. It was very special.

This cathedral is the amazingly beautiful as you can see. The inside is even more amazing.

When we walked in Jimmy said he wanted to light a candle for Gracie. He purchased a candle and I captured the special moment as he light the candle for her.

I can see this photo being blown up to hang on our wall.

The sun was shining behind us as we walked up to the church. We noticed our shadows and decided to taking a kissing shadow picture for a fun memory.

Excuse the wild hair. It is a really breezy day. I loved these gates in front of the entrance.

With all my heart, thank you again for blessing us with your prayers. They got us through this day and soon we will be on our way home.



  1. Look...there's a heart made when the two of you kiss....just like the love you left with Gracie and she with y'all!

  2. Wow! What a sweet story. I am new to your journey, and am just finding your blog, and you on FB. :) I will for sure be praying for you all as you walk this path, soaking in all the precious moments.

  3. Loved reading your thoughts and that the the Lord gave you peace as you had to leave Gracie. I had it too...only a few tears. Soon our girls will be HOME FOREVER!