Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Big Announcement

Since Logan was born my eyes have been open to a whole new world. I now know the blessings and have experience with the trials that come along with having a child with Down syndrome. During the past two years I have also become aware that not everyone can see the blessings. There are many parts of the world in which a mother must turn away from her baby when born with an extra chromosome. I shudder at the thought, for they do not know reality.

It was no accident that I found out about Reece's Rainbow when I was just a scared mom trying to learn more about Down syndrome. My eyes and heart will never heal from what I saw and learned. I now know that babies are abandoned at birth, sent to orphanages, and tied to cribs in mental institutions (at a very young age) until their untimely death just because they have 47 chromosomes instead of 46. Perfect children. Wasting away.

As I hold my son, hug and kiss my son, watch him do remarkable things...with an extra chromosome, my heart breaks. God has stirred my heart and I will never be the person I used to be. Many people say, "be still my heart," but I don't want my heart to be still. I want to feel and be stirred into action.

I have advocated, prayed, raised money and cried for these orphans. My heart will not be still. God has moved me to do more.

Over the past year we have been on a journey that has led us to do more. We have talked and prayed about adopting. There have been many doors opened and closed that have guided us to this place. Everything I thought would happen...did not. Everything that did happen...was unexpected. We did not come to where we are now on our own. God has gently guided us to a country and a child unexpected.

Meet Gracie.

She was born in 2009. She has Down syndrome. She is an orphan.
She will be our daughter. You can read more about her here.

This will be a long journey and we pray that you will follow along, pray for us, support us and rejoice as we fill out mounds of paperwork, fund-raise and wait to bring our daughter home from a country far away.

If you would like to read more and contribute to our adoption fund please visit our sponsorship page or click on Gracie's picture on the sidebar. If you make contributions through this page your donations are tax deductible. We will be hosting several fundraisers throughout the year and plan to get started right away so stay tuned!


  1. Michelle!!!! Love you girl! I am so honored to have you as my friend. You are an inspiration to many and because of you a life is being saved!

  2. Yay! Congrats! If you do a giveaway, I would love to donate some items. Let me know.

    1. Thank you Lexi! I would love for you to donate to a giveaway! I appreciate your offer so much!

  3. Hello this is Julia from "Notice Nana".

    This is great news! I'm sorry that your plans changed, but they changed for the better. :) I am very happy for Gracie to have found an forever family.

    Jesus Joy,

  4. Hi Julia! Yes...our plans changed a few times. This is truly evidence that we are not living according to our plans, but God's. Many turns along the way have proved that to us. Thank you for your support and for advocating for all of the RR babies!

  5. Congratulations, Michelle! So happy for you and Gracie! We're adopting a little girl the same age as Gracie with DS from the same country! It's so fun and encouraging to have others to share the journey.

    Our blog is or you'd like can e-mail me at

  6. Mardon told me you had found a little girl and that God has confirmed it over and over!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

    And I am praying for your family, for the spiritual attack that is sure to follow. Our God is bigger!


    1. Thank you Missy!! Spiritual attack?? Trust me has already begun. Yes! Our God is bigger and I would have already given up if not. Even though I have felt under attack several times God has shown me that He will stay beside me and that this is His adoption, His child.