Saturday, December 14, 2013

Adoption Day

One year ago today a judge in Bulgaria granted the adoption of our daughter!

One year ago today after a nearly sleepless night of prayers I woke up and immediately checked my email. This is the email I was looking for:

Your adoption was granted in court today!!!!

It was short and sweet but said just what I needed it to. It meant we were officially a family of six and we would be on our way to bring our daughter home soon.

I immediately started to cry. I had no reason to think our adoption would not be granted. It was more of a relief. It had been four months since we met Gracie and we were longing to bring her home. The adoption process is long and hard, but oh so worth it!

Today, one year later, I stand in my kitchen making pancakes with two sweet four year olds at my feet. Gracie just came up to me and put her arms up. I picked her up, she smiled at me and we danced around the kitchen to the Blues Clues "we just got a letter" song. All is right in our world today.

One year ago today she had no idea. No idea that she became a daughter and a sister. But today, she knows.

One year ago today our family was preparing to spend Christmas without one of our children. We purchased an adoption ornament and put it on the tree for her. This year, she put her special ornament on the tree. I can't believe it's been a year. Oh what a year it's been!


Merry Christmas!

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