Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Court Date

Last Monday we received THE email that we have been waiting for!! We received a court date!!!

On December 14, 21012 an orphan will become a daughter. Our daughter.

We have thought of her and known her as our daughter since we first touched her, but in 10 days it will be official. She will have our name!!!!

Wow...in 10 days we will have a new daughter and I won't even have to have an epidural or eat hospital food!!!

This has been a long journey. A long paper pregnancy. I can't believe that we are so near the end and so near our new beginning. 

It's been nearly four months since we met Gracie for the first time. Four months of missing her so badly. Soon we will be back for her and we will be looking at her in the middle of the night like a newborn baby.

There is still more waiting. Court will be in 10 days, yes I'll say it again...10 days! After that, documents have to be ordered/issued and the holidays will probably cause some delay. We will be given a travel date to pick her up once these things have been taken care of. Typically this happens about a month after court. I'm not certain if or how the holidays will impact this timeline, but I'm praying for things to happen quickly.

Meanwhile, we have been preparing for her arrival. Her clothes are all washed and put away. The clothes we are taking on the trip for her are all packed in a suitcase. Today I bought diapers, wipes, socks, shoes and travel size baby bath and lotion for her. I nearly cried as I bought sizes that were for a 1 year old rather than a child almost 4 years old. Soon we will take her bed out of the box, put it together and set up the room that she will share with her brother.

Please pray that all goes smoothly in court and that our adoption will be granted on December 14th. Pray that we will be able to pick Gracie up as soon as possible. Please pray that she somehow remembers us and feels our love until we return to bring her into our family forever.

He has not left you an orphan sweet little one. Mommy and Daddy are coming soon.