Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Video

Friends ~ In case you wonder why I am raising money for Nana or why it is important to me to care about these sweet orphans with Down syndrome across the world ~ I would be honored if you would watch this video. If you are touched or moved at all by the beautiful images you see here please consider donating to Nana's Angel Tree fund or to any of the children that you see here. This video shows the beautiful side of what can happen when adoption funds are available. Some of these children need a family and you can see some that have been rescued and now know the love of a family. Many do not end up with such smiles on their faces. Trust me, there are other videos...that you should see, but probably don't want to.

To donate to Nana or any other child please click here. Don't forget that I have a giveaway going on until Sunday. To read more about it, please click here.


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